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I am Centered.

When I was first asked if I would be part of the (OPC) teaching crew, I was so excited, but absolutely terrified!!

I had some not so positive thoughts going through my head:

  • Why me?

  • I haven't taught anything virtual in 10 months (yikes)!

  • I don't teach virtual. I'm a 1 on 1 or 1 to 4 kind of teacher.

  • OMG! I'm too much of a visual person to be able to do this...

  • What if I hate my virtual teaching style?

  • What if my body isn't working the way I need it to in order to film the class?

The messages I should have told myself:

  • Congratulations, you'll rock this!

  • You're going to have a chance to sharpen your virtual teaching skills!

  • You'll be able to relate virtual teaching to your in-studio clients!

  • You'll be able to learn how to visualize in your mind more often!

  • You'll get to play with your teaching style!

  • If your body is having an off day, won't it be great to do some substitutions or variations, so others can see how adaptable Pilates is?

Sometimes we think of all the wrong things before we can see all the good things. Before we can see all the possibilities. After chatting things out loud, I felt calmer, I felt more confident, and I felt centered. I felt like I could do this new thing.

You have to START somewhere. And the best part -> it doesn't matter where you start.

You just need to put yourself out there and go for it sometimes. Things will work out the way they are supposed to. And you can always feed yourself good thoughts no matter what. Here are some examples:

  • I can adapt.

  • I can always ask for advice.

  • I can always LEARN something new!

  • I can celebrate my wins, big or small.

  • I can keep on going.

Guess what? I've already recorded my first classes for OPC. I LEARNED A TON about how I teach and I'm going to keep on going!

For my first classes, I wanted to teach about Fundamentals. Pilates is all about starting from your center and moving outward. I felt a connection to the word CENTER.

On Tuesday, my Finding Your Fundies class will go live! I had a ton of fun making them and KNOWING that the more I do this, the better I'll get. I wanted to share the class teaser with all of you because I am excited to share my passion of Pilates and because I want to celebrate this moment.

I had a lot of uncertainty at the beginning, but I think it's important to share that we all have our doubts and fears. Growth happens when we push past uncertainty, doubt, and fear - so I want to remind you to allow yourself to feel all your feelings and talk to those you trust.

Center yourself and move in any direction that you think will serve you best.

“Only the frantic of fear can harm you. Your calm and centered self knows exactly what to do.”

Bryant McGill

I hope you'll enjoy this class teaser! I'll be posting the first few minutes of the mat class on Instagram later in the week, so look out for that!

OPC Membership Link [may direct you to the current program, Full Body in 15, so you may need to click on Memberships once you get there]!

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