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A Classical Program infused with Accessibility & Creativity!
~ Move ~ Learn ~ Teach ~








  • LEARN to TEACH size DIVERSE clients...LEARN to TEACH the person in front of you.

  • ALLOW yourself to EXPLORE the possibilities in each exercise & in your own body = BOOST your CONFIDENCE! We believe exploration helps the learning experience.

  • PLAY is encouraged! We provide progressions, substitutions, and prop play while you are learning the exercises in your body.

  • FIND your teaching STYLE!

  • Figure out how YOU learn BEST & how YOUR CLIENTS learn BEST!

  • UNDERSTAND the importance of self-practice as a teacher!

  • LEARN to THINK critically!

  • NON-COMPETITIVE environment - when one of us succeeds we all cheer!

  • STRESS REDUCED Workshops and Training Program!

    • Because we have you covered with our content packed color manuals and video can just soak it all in!

    • OPTION: You have the option to repeat the following year's workshop for FREE!! We believe that sometimes a second time around can help you hone your skills. PLUS it helps the new trainees to have others around who have been through it all before!

  • We provide a positive language learning environment.

  • We do NOT discriminate against race, age, gender identity, sexual preference, neurodiversity, disabilities, or body size. We believe the Pilates Industry should represent a diverse community.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to practice and learn in a safe environment. 

Designed for SUCCESS


  • Printed through Barnes & Noble Press

  • Heavy paperweight & Full color

  • Positive language; gender neutral

  • Classical Mat Order Lists [multiple]

  • Traditional Exercises with pictures

  • Exercise Variations with pictures

  • QR Codes to Videos of Exercises & Variations

  • Practice worksheets for critical thinking

  • Plenty of space for notes


History, Principles, Fundamentals, Cueing, Common Terms, Learning Styles, Class Designs, Client Notes, and more.


LIVE Workshop Time 

  • Program Foundation + Pilates Principles & Fundamentals - 12 hours

  • Mat Workshops: 2 weekends ~44 hours

  • Reformer Workshops: 2 weekends ~44 hours

  • Cadillac Workshops: 2 weekends ~44 hours

  • Chairs Workshops: 2 weekends ~35 hours

  • Small Apparatus: 1 weekend ~ 22 hours​


  • Recorded for later access

  • Access to the recordings for 12 months [minimum]



  • Mat Program $2500

    • Levels 1 - 5

    • 56 hours of workshop time to Move, Learn, & Teach

    • Mat Manual

    • Mat Exercise & Variations Video Libraries

    • 3 Classes included [Move]

    • 2 Mentor Meetings included [Learn]

    • 2 Open Studios included [Teach]

    • 200 Self-Guided Hours [costs to fulfill are not included]*

      • 55 Observation Hours​

      • 20 Private or Semi-Private Hours

      • 30 Classes

      • 10 Self-Practice Hours [20 x at 30 minutes]

      • 85 Practice Teaching Hours

  • Mat + Reformer Program $5000

    • Levels 1 - 5​

    • 100 hours of workshop time to Move, Learn, & Teach

    • Mat & Reformer Manuals

    • Mat & Reformer Exercise & Variations Video Libraries

    • 6 Classes included [Move]

    • 4 Mentor Meetings included [Learn]

    • 4 Open Studios included [Teach]

    • 415 Self-Guided Hours [costs to fulfill are not included]*

      • 110 Observation Hours​ [55 Mat / 55 Reformer]

      • 40 Private or Semi-Private Hours [20 Mat / 20 Reformer]

      • 60 Classes [30 Mat / 30 Reformer]

      • 20 Self-Practice Hours [20 x at 30 minutes each Mat & Reformer]

      • 185 Practice Teaching Hours [85 Mat / 100 Reformer]

  • Full Program $8000

    • Levels 1 - 5 Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, & Small Apparatus​

    • 200 hours of workshop time to Move, Learn, & Teach

    • Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Small Apparatus Manuals

    • All access pass to Exercise & Variation Video Libraries

    • 10 Classes included [Move]

    • 6 Mentor Meetings included [Learn]

    • 6 Open Studios included [Teach]

    • 600 Self-Guided Hours [costs to fulfill are not included]*

      • 175 Observation Hours​ [55 Mat / 55 Reformer / 65 Misc]

      • 65 Private or Semi-Private Hours [20 Mat / 20 Reformer / 25 Misc]

      • 80 Classes [30 Mat / 30 Reformer / 20 Misc]

      • 30 Self-Practice Hours [20 x at 30 minutes each Mat / Reformer / Misc]

      • 250 Practice Teaching Hours [85 Mat / 100 Reformer / 65 Misc]


  • Return to Life Book

  • Anatomy Course+

  • All costs to fulfill Self-Guided Hours

  • some Testing Fees

+Because everyone learns in a different way we have not created an Anatomy Course within the program.  We will provide a list of courses we suggest. You will need to provide evidence of completion before your Pilates test.


12 month minimum access to the following:

  • The video workshops during your program

  • Full Expression Exercise Videos

  • Exercise Variations Videos

    • Progressions & Props

  • Pre-Recorded Mini Workshops​


Creating Confidence

The Size Diverse Pilates Teacher Training Programs are for those who are looking for a positive learning environment to learn how to teach Pilates or expand their knowledge of the Pilates Method.

The program is designed to use positive language around the human body to create movement possibilities for any body type. 

Trainees will build their teaching skills and personalized teaching styles while becoming more confident in their own movement abilities. 

At the end of the program, each trainee will be equipped with a library of movement ideas to continue their teaching exploration.

All Size Diverse Pilates Training Programs are designed to provide guidance in a supportive and inclusive way. 

The Size Diverse Pilates environment encourages critical thinking & exploration for the teachers in training, so they may provide clients with the best possible movement experiences during each session. 

We believe that the body changes and feels different each time we practice, and we encourage exploration based on these changes and feelings.  We also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to practice and learn in a safe environment. 

Note: The training manuals were created specifically to include positive movement ideals and body, race, and gender neutral language. We will continue learning and updating the manual to continue creating an inclusive environment each time we train.

The concept and content for the program was a collaboration between Carey Sadler and Rachel Piper. They spent many months figuring out how to make the most inclusive program possible.

Carey was, and still is, Rachel's mentor and ALWAYS created an explorative and accepting space for ALL, which made all the difference when it came to teaching confidence.

I am forever grateful for Carey as a mentor, teacher, and human!

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