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Thursdays at 4:30PM (CST)
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Saturdays 8:00AM & 9:00AM (CST) - in studio or virtual options
[Booked through September 2022]
Semi-Private Sessions at Rivercity Pilates Studio
Thursday 5:30PM (CST) - Tower
Sundays 8:15AM (CST) - Reformer or Tower [Sessions vary]
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by Lesley Logan

OnlinePilatesClass or OPC is a fully Virtual Pilates studio with a private FaceBook group.

New classes go live on Tuesdays at 4P CST

My Current 2022 Schedule:

- Week of February 22nd [30 min Mat & Reformer classes] "Finding Your Fundies" Theme

- Month of April [50 minute Tower - access all month] "Just Play" Theme

- Week of May 31st [30 min Mat & Reformer classes] "Let's Hang Out" Theme

- Month of July [50 minute Chair - access all month] "Around the Clock" Theme

- 3rd Quarter Date TBD [30 min Mat & Reformer classes] "Back that Order Up" Theme

- Month of October [50 minute Reformer - access all month] "Let's Hand Out, Again" Theme

- 4th Quarter Date TBD [30 min Mat & Reformer classes] "What Goes Up..." Theme

More Size Diverse Pilates on OPC in 2022:

- LIVE Reformer on the Mat Class: July 23rd, 2022

- LIVE Reformer on the Mat Workshop: July 23rd, 2022

Teaching Size Diverse Clients


A Workshop for Teachers Coming in Fall 2022

In this workshop I cover how to create a safe and inclusive space by relating Reformer exercises to Cadillac and Mat exercises to bring forward a full experience for all clients.  I also go over exercise set up on the Reformer for larger bodied clients to ensure they feel comfortable and included.

I'll update this page when the launch goes live, but will also be posting on Instagram.


How I Teach

I’m a classically trained plus-size Pilates Instructor who believes in teaching the body in front of me, and using tools for success.  

I have always practiced Pilates in a larger body. I went through training in a larger body. I was extremely lucky to have had the opportunity do training with clients of all shapes and sizes at different levels (with different things going on). It was an amazing experience!

I want to empower my clients in their bodies and allow them to feel safe and included in a movement practice and in a fitness space.

Props, substitutions, and/or variations will be options during my sessions to ensure inclusion.

What I Believe:

  • Every body is a different shape and size and this should be celebrated.

  • Every body moves differently because we all have "stuff" going on.

  • Every body can do Pilates, the body just may need a prop or variation. 

  • It doesn’t matter what the person next to you can or cannot do. You are two different people.

  • Listen to YOUR body and figure out what your body can do now. Celebrate what you can do.

  • Pilates was meant for the long term, start small and build on it.