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I'm sure you have some questions. I'll continue to add to this page, but when in doubt - please send us an EMAIL!


If you feel that your program wasn't as inclusive as you'd have liked and you are hoping to close a gap in your training, you can go through the most applicable program. 

For example: If you took mat elsewhere, you can take mat with us to bridge the gap or you might be able to go straight into Reformer!

Please email for details on how to do this and what it would look like. It will change each training cycle.

Are there any pre-requisites?

What is included in the Training?

Please see the Teacher Training home page for a rundown.

A couple of things to highlight:

 - You get time outside workshops to spend moving, learning, and teaching with your mentor present!! Face time is important to us!

 - Self-guided hours can be hard to figure out, so we have you covered with lists of virtual observations, playlists with videos to get your practice hours in, and more!! We'll help you organize your hours, if you need it!

 - The manuals and the libraries are really ONE OF A KIND! You'll have the opportunity to see different body types in pictures and moving in videos.

What if I miss a Workshop?

The workshops really are essential because of the Move, Learn, Teach experience we are providing. However, if you miss a Workshop we will be recording them. If there happens to be a technical malfunction, you may need to make it up the following year or you'll be provided a past workshop with the same content.

Is there a Virtual Option?

Yes. We have both virtual and in studio options.

Training will be held at Rivercity Pilates Studio in North Liberty, IA - however, if you can't make it in person - we will have GoogleMeet set up, so you can still join us LIVE.

We'll be recording the sessions, as well.

Pricing will be the same whether you are virtual or in studio.

How long is the program supposed to take?

As long as you need it to.

You'll have access to your workshops for a year after you take it, but you can finish any time.  To finish, you'll have to complete your hours and your testing.

Why do I have to pay separate for Anatomy?

I have not created an anatomy workshop within the program because it isn't something I specialize in. I do have a BS in Biology, but it's just not where my passion for teaching lies.

Therefore, I have found a program I highly recommend for trainees to take. You'll need proof that you finished the course to get your certificate.

You do not need any training experience to go through the Mat program.

It is always helpful to have previous Mat practice experience before starting.


You have to go through the Mat program to do the Reformer program.

You have to go through Mat + Reformer before you can continue to the Comprehensive (Cadillac/Chair/Small Apparatus).

*If you have taken a Mat or Reformer program elsewhere - email us and we'll see what we can do!

Do you offer a bridging program?

Do you have a payment plan?

We do not have a payment plan, in general. However, if you are going to do the Comprehensive Program - you can pay 1 month ahead of the next workshop to reserve your spot.


What if I don't feel ready to teach?


Some people will go through all the trainings and never teach. I've seen this in other programs, such as Yoga TT, as well.

It is up to you on what you want to do with your DEEP DIVE into Pilates.

We start you practice teaching during the Fundamentals Workshop - this is before you even learn the Mat! We feel that diving in and trying out your words is essential for feeling comfortable in front of clients.

Let's Work Together

Want a DEEPER DIVE???  Teacher Training is an excellent way to learn a ton, even if you never want to teach another human how to do Pilates.

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