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Below are the feedback comments that are emailed to me after someone completes the Size Diverse Pilates Workshop on Fusion Pilate EDU.

I have copied/pasted them in as they were sent to me. Submitting feedback is optional, so I'm very thankful that people took the time to submit these for me.


I've been asked back to create another workshop for Fusion Pilates EDU in 2024!

Great workshop. I learned a few new things to add to my classes to make sure everyone feels successful. I had been looking forward to this workshop and I was not disappointed! Teacher training should cover more of this. I will go back and rewatch this again!


Fantastic workshop! I found this extremely useful in helping more size diverse students get the most out of the equipment. It helped me be more mindful of the difficulties that could arise and how to make a session more satisfying and successful.

Loved all of it ! thank you!

Thanks for the workshop

Omg what an EXCELLENT workshop. It was incredibly beneficial for me since I will certainly utilize all these very useful exercises and variations. The instructor was UNBELIEVABLY CLEAR, KNEW HER STUFF AND TAUGHT IT EXTREMELY WELL!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for opening up my eyes to a wealth of beneficial Pilates exercises!

excellent topic, very helpful

I loved this workshop so much and was so happy to see people that were actually curvy participating. Many workshops use small people to talk theoretically about working with larger-bodied clients, but this was practical, useful, and great to see the work in action. Many of my clients are larger/curvy and I really needed progressions and ideas to accommodate larger legs, tummy, bum, and chest. I thought the progression were wonderful, especially with Tendon Stretch and Snake. Great class!

Great videos!! Great content and easily applicable!

Great info!

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