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Size Diverse Pilates Links

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Classical Pilates infused with Creativity & Accessibility

The first Pilates Mat Book designed around diverse body shapes that also provides accessibility in the classical mat work.

Your resource for plus size Pilates practices & teaching!

A program developed after 20 years of training experience and training program creation using all types of learning styles.

The program was designed to celebrate people exactly as they are. 

I use a  ~Move ~ Learn ~ Teach ~ approach to help visual, auditory, reading, and tactile learners.

I am committing to accepting up to four (4) people into the Intermediate Mat Pilates Teacher Training Program in 2024 on a Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion Scholarship!

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YouTube Channel

Check out my Accessible Mat, Accessible Reformer, and Accessible Tower playlists & Subscribe today!!

The more subscribers I have the more free content I can add to my channel!

Come learn with us at OPC!!!  This is a LIVE Workshop with REPLAY!!! 


We are going to explore extension in the Swan & Swimming Mat exercises.

I love these collaborative Workshops because you are going to get 6 points of view and TONS of tips and tricks to help you in your practice.

We do a mini workout together, then you get all our tips & tricks, you ask questions, and then you get to try anything you want while repeating the same mini workout.

PLUS - you get the replay, which means you can see the 6 teachers picking their own journey in the second mini workout.


3 CECs via Fusion Pilates EDU

~Explore how to teach size diverse clients

~Learn how to transition reformer exercises to the Cadillac and Mat in order to build the strength to manage a moving carriage

~Create variations that can be practiced in a home program to keep clients progressing outside the studio

I've been teaching on Online Pilates Classes virtual platform for almost 2 years already!!

I have a couple of 30 minute Mat and 30 minute Reformer classes that come out quarterly (membership required)

& I have at least one 50 minute equipment class come out per quarter (can be bought on demand)

Classes are Themed & Accessible!

Take a listen to Jessica Valant and I chat about enjoying movement when you are in a larger body and how to make fitness more accessible!

I wrote an article for The Pilates Journal on this topic and I would love for you to have a read and send me your thoughts!

My article starts on page 8 and has pictures of my good friend @writegirlproblems (who is also a romance author and a cool AF librarian) Kellee Forkenbrock - pen name Eliza David

It might be outdated, but this will always be true - I'm a total science nerd who loves Star Wars, Pilates, Classical music, Reading, Dogs, & my whole family [in no particular order].

I celebrate humans of all kinds as long as they are kind to other humans.

I have a special place in my heart for the neurodivergent <3

Because sometimes I write stuff that isn't posted just on social media.

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