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Testimonials from Clients

I take semi-private lessons and I LOVE it! I am not a 'group' exerciser for many reasons, but the semi-private lessons are great. In a small group, I am able to build more trust and appreciation for my peers.

Rachel's style fits my personality and I appreciate her explanation/how-to of the exercises and sequences; specific, alternate movements for different effect; which muscle groups to engage; and how the exercise benefits my body.

Thanks for all you do to help me feel that Pilates is something I can do and be successful doing. -C.D.

After a session with Rachel, I immediately feel relaxed, stronger, and more flexible. -J.C.

I love taking Rachel’s reformer class. She pushes us up a level when we’ve mastered the first. She is fun, funny and before you know it you’re done. I feel less sore, taller and refreshed the whole day. -M.N.

Rachel's teaching style is very approachable, friendly and encouraging. She offer guidance and suggestions to improve my practice and keeps the sessions fun and interesting.

Rachel continues to provide appropriate challenges and mixes up the workouts to keep things interesting for the class members.  I always leave the sessions feeling more energized and clear-headed. -S.C.

Rachel is a warm and encouraging teacher.  She has a wonderful sense of humor.  Her Pilates knowledge is truly amazing!  She is excellent at observing my Pilates movements and providing suggestions for adjustments and fine tuning.  Her suggestions make a huge difference in my Pilates practice. -J.C.

Rachel is very encouraging and positive, and seems to have a knack for knowing what will push just a bit without pushing too hard and making me feel inept or sore the next day.  She is also are good at helping me feel independent in the studio space, but also there to lend a hand if I'm unsure or insecure about a new exercise or piece of equipment. 

I love picking Rachel's brain. I come to each session with questions and then we work through things that will help me in my daily life.

In both private and semi-private classes Rachel makes adjustments to fit my needs as well as others.  She offers advice about making small changes in movements that result in huge differences.  If I walk in and tell her I have stiffness in a certain part of my body, she works this into the class which helps me feel better.

Rachel is encouraging.  When I first began Pilates, I needed a lot of the movements modified.  She was patient with me and kept encouraging and motivating me.  Through her encouragement and motivation I began seeing gains and am now doing things I never thought I could.

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