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I want to make Pilates as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

I want people to find a movement practice they LOVE that will help them feel better in their bodies, so they can do what they want in life.  Enjoy life!


I have over 1,000 videos unlisted on my YouTube Channel for my Size Diverse Pilates Teacher Training Program (and that's just for Pilates Mat).

I started thinking over the word "accessibility" AND the fact that I specialize in teaching size diverse clients - and came to the conclusion that I should start building Pilates Movement Libraries for ALL (but especially for my size diverse friends).

Plan:  The videos will range from 5 minutes to over 60 minutes. They could be anything related to Mat or Apparatus. They could be tutorials, classes, or even mini workshops. They will range in "level" but there will always be accessible movements in each video.

I have around 25 videos already available and I've put a handful below to get you started!!  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be notified of new content! The more LIKES, SHARES, and SUBSCRIBES I get, the more content I can get out into the world!

I'm excited to start this journey with you!

Props to make Pilates Accessible for Larger Bodies

What I deem a "Raw Mini Workshop" - meaning I turn on the camera and tell you things. No editing; just me!

In this video I don't hold back on my opinions of certain props for those who live in larger bodies. I give my opinions and the reasons behind them.

My goal is to help those in larger bodies find what they need to make their practice accessible.

Level 1 Mat: Slower Flow

A propped Pilates Mat Class that follows the Level 1 order.

Magic Mat #2 from Rivercity Pilates

I taught a 30 minute Magic Circle class at Rivercity Pilates for many months and Carey has 5 of them on her YouTube Channel - they are also available in my Accessible Pilates Mat Playlist.  Here is one where we get to do Standing Work and Mat in a Chair for most of the class - making it nicely accessible!

Reformer Rowing Options for Larger Bodies

Tutorial on alternatives for Rowings 1 & 2, plus leg options for Rows 5 & 6

Level 1 Reformer: Slower Flow

Take on Level 1 Reformer with a slower pace to allow for breath and set up.

Accessible Reformer Workout for Beginners

Another fun workout on the Pilates Reformer, which is ideal for Beginners or anyone who wants to go back to the basics and find your connections to the work.

Morning Tower with Arc

It's called "Morning Tower" because it was filmed at 5AM, not because you should do it in the morning. Anytime would be GRAND!

If you do not have an Arc, you can fold a King Size Quilt up and make your own version!

Basic Tower

Originally filmed for my Pilates Teacher Trainees, workout alongside my bff/husband James as I teach him a basic Tower session...and see how well we "work" together ;)

Relaxing Pilates Tower with "Tippy Cat"

Created at the request of one of my clients, so she could practice Cat on Tower. We or she (I can't remember) called it "tippy cat" because getting into position means you have to be in a place where you feel like you might just TIP OVER!  Don't worry - it's a FUN one!

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