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About Me

I have been practicing and teaching in a bigger Pilates body for my entire "Pilates Life" - and I wouldn't change a second of it.

I've been working in the Biotech industry for 20 years and I have been a trainer for 19 years. I have trained all levels and have found that the easiest way for people to learn is through relatable ideas.  

Imagine how excited I was when I joined a Teacher Training Program that was based on the same ideals! The training workshops were filled with related exercises, props, variations, substitutions, and PLAY! It was the BEST experience!

I originally signed up to geek out over Pilates. Everything about the method fascinated me and I needed to know more about it. I didn't even know if I would ever teach after I did the mat module, but the more I started talking Pilates aka practice teaching - the more I realized I needed to keep doing it.

I completed the full Classical Comprehensive Teacher Training Program while working a full time job and through part of the pandemic. 

Because my Pilates experience was always full of inclusion and acceptance it's my goal to be that same person for others.

We need more love and support in the world.

We need a world where anyone can feel safe and included in fitness spaces and in their community.

I am working towards creating spaces for people who might not think they have a place in Pilates whether it's because of gender identity, race, size or shape, physical state, or being neurodiverse. I have high functioning anxiety and sensory processing hypersensitivity, so I want others to realize that they can find a place to be free in their movement practice with whatever it is they have going on.

I consider teaching Pilates the best side hustle, ever, because I get to let my clients explore their bodies and their abilities while playing with movement. I love helping my clients learn how to play again! 

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