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DE+I  Pilates Teacher Training Scholarships

I am committed to changing the Pilates Industry to make it more diverse in every way, but especially those in our community who identify as BIPOC.

I am committing to accepting up to four (4) people into each of the All Levels Mat Pilates Teacher Training Program in 2024 on a Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion Scholarship!

July 2024 Applications are OPEN!!!

Scholarship Details

Each scholarship includes:

  • 14 Weeks of 4 hour Workshops

    • Week 1: Foundations​

    • Week 2-3 : Fundamentals + Application​

    • Week 4-5: Level 1 + Application​

    • Week 6-7: Level 2 + Application​

    • Week 8-9: Level 3 + Application​

    • Week 10: Anatomy Review*​

    • Week 11-12: Level 4 + Application

    • October 4 & October 11

    • Week 13-14: Level 5 + Application

    • October 18 & October 25

​*1-2 hours/week of study in the Teachable Anatomy course prior to Anatomy Review Workshop recommended.

Learning Materials

[Included in program]

  • Size Diverse Pilates School on Teachable​​

    • Manual content, Pictures, Video Links, Workshop Videos, and extra videos.

    • Everything you need and more in course format for those who need an outline and organization.

  • Access to the All Levels Mat Full Color Manual

    • Setup, Reps, Breath, Movements written out

    • Ways to Improve Movement, Prop use, Class Designs, Critical Thinking & More.

    • Pictures, Video QR codes, and More.

  • Access to the Training & Reflection Workbook with Affirmations



  • Some level of Pilates experience.

  • Applicant must be able to do one of the following:

    • Attend the LIVE training Workshops in person in North Liberty, IA

    • Attend the LIVE training Workshops virtually

    • Watch the Workshop REPLAY before the next Workshop

Please note that the best way to learn is live. I understand that this isn't always feasible for different reasons, so I am providing a replay option.​


  • Applicant must complete the Anatomy Course in Teachable and attend / watch the Week 10 Workshop [LIVE or REPLAY].​​

  • Applicant will be responsible for the following costs:

    • The All Levels Pilates Mat Manual and the Workbook (~$70 + shipping)

      • Everything in the physical manual is available in the Teachable Course, so this is an optional purchase. ​

      • I cannot ship outside the US. Anyone outside the US will get a pdf copy of the manual, if they choose, or they can have access via the Teachable Course. **It is expensive to have it printed because it is over 350 pages!

    • Anatomy Materials listed on the Mat Program Page

    • Travel, Lodging, and Food expenses [if traveling to the workshops]

    • Self-Guided Hours**

    • Assessment Fees**

*Training takes place in North Liberty, Iowa (close to Iowa City)

 - About 4.5 hours from Minneapolis, MN

 - About 3.5 hours from Chicago, IL

 - About 4.25 hours from St. Louis, MO

 - About 4 hours from Omaha, NE

**Extra Notes About Costs:

  • The program costs do not include any of the assessments, but I will have options to cut costs. These come much later; after you've completed your self-guided hours.

  • The program costs do not include any of the self guided hours [see below], so these are done at your own cost. I have provided options to cut costs below and will talk more about this in the Workshops.

  • The program costs do not include the Anatomy Materials listed on the Mat Program Page, but the Course in Teachable is included.

  • Observations - a minimum of 35% must be in studio. 

    • A pre-approved list of virtual observations will be provided with a code for 15-30 days free.

  • Private / Semi-Private Sessions - you can practice with any classical teacher; virtual or in studio. Options provided to help with cost.

  • Classes - a playlist with classes will be provided and can fulfill ALL class hours needed.

  • Self Practice - you'll learn how to create self practice during the workshops. There should be no cost to practice.

  • Practice Teaching - there is typically no cost unless you need to rent studio space or buy props.

Self Guided Hours

[Costs are NOT Included]

  • 40 hours  [Intermediate]

  • 15 hours [Advanced]


Private/Semi-Private Sessions     

  • 15 hours [Intermediate]​

  • 5 hours [Advanced]


  • 20 hours [Intermediate]

  • 10 hours [Advanced]


Self Practice​

  • 10 hours [Intermediate]

  • 5 hours [Advanced]


Practice Teaching

  • 60 hours [Intermediate]

  • 25 hours [Advanced]

How Does It Work?

1 - Fill out the application by the deadline of May 31, 2024.

2 - Wait patiently for more details to come!

Please note: There may be a Zoom call as part of the application process.


Scholarships will be announced by June 15th, so there is plenty of time to make travel and lodging arrangements.


Before applying, please ensure you can commit to the requirements. I know travel can be difficult to arrange, especially in the winter months.

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