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Pilates on the Cadillac

Creating Confidence

The Size Diverse Pilates Teacher Training Programs are for those who are looking for a positive learning environment to learn how to teach Pilates or expand their knowledge of the Pilates Method.

The program is designed to use positive language around the human body to create movement possibilities for any body type. 

Trainees will build their teaching skills and personalized teaching styles while becoming more confident in their own movement abilities. 

At the end of the program, each trainee will be equipped with a library of movement ideas to continue their teaching exploration.


All Size Diverse Pilates Training Programs are designed to provide guidance in a supportive and inclusive way. 

The Size Diverse Pilates environment encourages critical thinking & exploration for the teachers in training, so they may provide clients with the best possible movement experiences during each session. 


We believe that the body changes and feels different each time we practice, and we encourage exploration based on these changes and feelings.  We also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to practice and learn in a safe environment. 


Note: The training manuals were created specifically to include positive movement ideals and body, race, and gender neutral language. We will continue learning and updating the manual to continue creating an inclusive environment each time we train.

The concept and content for the program was a collaboration between Carey Sadler and Rachel Piper. They spent many months figuring out how to make the most inclusive program possible.

Carey was, and still is, Rachel's mentor and ALWAYS created an explorative and accepting space for ALL, which made all the difference when it came to teaching confidence.

I am forever grateful for Carey as a mentor, teacher, and human!

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