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Pilates Mat Teacher Training

CEC Provider
CEC Provider

All Levels Pilates Mat

No Pre-requisites

14 Weeks of 4 hour Workshops

Early Bird - Limited Offer: $1750 [until July 1st]

*only 4 spots available for Early Bird*

After July 1st - $2750


Next Training Dates:

Fridays 4 - 8P CT

[July 26 - October 25, 2024]

Training Outline:

Week 1: Foundations

  • July 26

Week 2-3 : Fundamentals + Application

  • August 2 & August 9

Week 4-5: Level 1 + Application

  • August 16 & August 23

Week 6-7: Level 2 + Application

  • August 30 & September 6

Week 8-9: Level 3 + Application

  • September 13 & September 20

Week 10: Anatomy Review*

  • September 27

Week 11-12: Level 4 + Application

  • October 4 & October 11

Week 13-14: Level 5 + Application

  • October 18 & October 25


*1-2 hours/week of independent study in the Teachable Anatomy course prior to Anatomy Review Workshop recommended.

Learning Materials

[Included in program]

Size Diverse Pilates School on Teachable

  • Manual content, Pictures, Video Links, Workshop Videos, and extra videos.

  • Everything you need and more in course format for those who need an outline and organization.

All Levels Mat Full Color Manual

  • Setup, Reps, Breath, Movements written out

  • Ways to Improve Movement, Prop use, Class Designs, Critical Thinking & More.

  • Pictures, Video QR codes, and More.

Training & Reflection Workbook with Affirmations
Self Guided Hours

[Costs NOT Included]

  • 40 hours  [Intermediate]

  • 15 hours [Advanced]

Private/Semi-Private Sessions     

  • 15 hours [Intermediate]

  • 5 hours [Advanced]


  • 20 hours [Intermediate]

  • 10 hours [Advanced]


Self Practice

  • 10 hours [Intermediate]

  • 5 hours [Advanced]


Practice Teaching

  • 60 hours [Intermediate]

  • 25 hours [Advanced]

Other Notes About Costs:

  • The program costs do not include any of the assessments, but I will have options to cut costs. Assessments are an opportunity to learn more about your personal practice & your teaching. They are meant to be an additional learning experience, not a pass/fail. They should not be feared because they are like an extension of the workshops and your self guided hours.

    • Assessments typically cost around $200 total, but if you choose to test Intermediate and Advanced separately, it could be an additional $50-100.​

    • Assessments: written, your version of the mat order, teaching 1:1, and teaching a group session.

  • The program costs do not include any of the self guided hours, so these are done at your own cost. I have provided options to cut costs below and will talk more about this in the Workshops.

  • The program costs do not include the Anatomy Materials listed below, but the Course in Teachable is included.

  • Observations - a minimum of 35% must be in studio. 

    • A pre-approved list of virtual observations will be provided with a code for 15-30 days free.

  • Private / Semi-Private Sessions - you can practice with any classical teacher; virtual or in studio. Options provided to help with cost.

  • Classes - a playlist with classes will be provided and can fulfill ALL class hours needed.

  • Self Practice - you'll learn how to create self practice during the workshops. There should be no cost to practice.

  • Practice Teaching - there is typically no cost unless you need to rent studio space or buy props.


Anatomy Materials

[Costs NOT Included]

Optional Resources:

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