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Why Size Diverse PilatesTeacher Training?




Gender Identity





Body Size

I was on a panel in June 2022 that talked about the topics above at a large Pilates & Movement conference called Momentum Fest. We talked about these topics in relation to the fitness industry. “A SAFE SPACE isn’t a place, it’s a feeling” - Jessica Vann @jdotjourney [lnstagram handle] This statement couldn’t be more true. How do we show up in this industry to address the list above? We can’t just start by trying to move a mountain. We have to start by moving rocks. It’s the little things, y’all. The little things ADD UP!! Like, being open to a further conversation on one of the above...

OR maybe by starting a Teacher Training Program that is designed to allow anyone to learn how to teach the Pilates Method to anyone else, regardless of who they are or what they have going on in or with their body. Listen, I’m a bigger bodied human doing my Pilates who wants anyone to feel like they can practice in their TODAY BODY - whatever shape and size it is. I WANT to celebrate other people who want to move and practice Pilates in their bodies.

I said on the panel:

  • I want to see larger bodied people.

  • I want to see black people.

  • I want to see queer** people.

  • I want to see black queer people.

  • I want to see the neurodiverse people.

  • I want to see ALL the people

*I want to see everyone on that list above!! I want to see all the people.


The majority of the people want to see ALL the different people. People need to see others like them doing Pilates. Representation Matters. We need to break open this community and show that it can be inclusive. Don’t be stagnant. Be part of the change you want to see. And so, I have chosen to create the Size Diverse Pilates Teacher Training Programs to combat the stigmas in the industry. The stigmas that say you need to look a certain way, be able to do an exercise a certain way, or even learn a certain way.

In these programs, you will learn how to teach the person in front of you. You will celebrate your fellow trainees, yourself, and your clients. You will help us change the industry by learning how to be inclusive in your teachings.

I will meet you where you are and you will learn how to meet clients where they are.

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