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Size Diverse Pilates Workshop NOW AVAILABLE!
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Your resource for plus size Pilates practitioners & teachers who want to learn to teach plus size clients!

An opportunity to start your teaching journey in a safe and inclusive space! We incorporate many learning styles to ensure the content is accessible to as many trainees as possible.

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In Studio Private & Semi-Private Sessions through Rivercity Pilates [with Rachel] - MindBody

Online Pilates Classes: I'm proud to teach with the OPC crew!
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Limited Virtual Private Pilates Sessions [30 min]

I'm proud to be an affiliate for Profitable Pilates AGENCY Fitness Business Group where some of the top presenters in the business including branding, photography, storytelling, writing, and more help teach and coach people like us.MY AFFILIATE COMPENSATION IS DONTED DIRECTLY TO CHARITY through Profitable Pilates support of The Cupcake Girls

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