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Pilates is Messy

Pilates is messy and sweaty and it’s a lifetime practice. It’s not meant to be picture perfect - because that isn’t LIFE.

In life: We fall down. We pick ourselves up. And hopefully, we have others who HELP US UP…and we help others up if they fall down.

In Pilates: We fall out of exercises. So what? We go again or we try something else.

And hopefully you have someone next to you who celebrates the fact that you tried or the fact that you chose to do something different or chose a different spring…etc


I want to see and show diverse humans doing the work. It’s important for people to see themselves represented. I will continue to expand my video libraries, which are messy and real and exactly what people need to see about the Pilates Industry.

Thanks to Kellee Forkenbrock for her contribution to the Push Up video medley below

@writegirlproblems (who may have been in almost every video this month - you are wonderful and inspiring in all you do). Hey, y’all - she’s also a kick a$$ romance novelist, so you should be following her!

Thanks to Donny Lindell for her contribution to the Push Up video medley below

@donnyalindell for your variations and contributions, and not getting upset when I forgot to turn the video on for an hour of content!

I am humbled to have so many great contributors to my Teacher Training libraries, so I can show all different body types doing the work.

Thanks again to my original content crew!

Mindi Westfall @bendymindipilates

Rachel Reis @radpilates

Gwen Head @gwenheadpilates

Tami-Adrian George

DK Ciccone @dkciccone

And as always, a special thanks to my mentor Carey Sadler for helping me learn ALL of this and with the writing contributions, ideas, and pretty much everything!!!

If you want to know more about my content creators, please visit my Content Creator page - I have more coming online and am always looking for diverse content creators!

Day 31 of March MATness: Push Up

How to support the body [not a full list]:

- Don’t walk out

- Plank; no Push Up

- Kneeling plank

- Kneeling Push Up

- Push Up against a wall

- Push Up on a high prop [like the Cadillac bed or a chair]

- Push up on a barrel or push up bars

- Place the Magic Circle under the sternum

- Use a big ball to support the legs

How to create a challenge:

- Place something between or around the ankles [breaking the kinetic chain]

- One leg variations with flat feet

- One leg variations with heels lifted

Remember - there's a whole playlist of each mat exercise from Return to Life on my YouTube Channel!!

Want to take a DEEPER DIVE into the Mat work? Check out my Teacher Training Program where we have a safe place to learn, practice, and cheer each other on!!!

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