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Roll Up Hacks

The Pilates Roll Up is one of my favorite exercises!

The first time I did it, I couldn't believe how HARD it was to roll back to the mat with control and also how HARD it was to get back up off that floor!!! Humbling.

I was given some variations to help me on my journey, and they made me feel successful much quicker!! Now, I will share some of my favorites that will be good for all body types and levels.

I created a Playlist just for you on my YouTube Channel (it's all new to me!).

The playlist has several variations of the Pilates Roll Up that you can watch based on how your body is feeling on any day. I separated out the videos, so you could watch the ones that are most helpful to you without having to skip ahead.

First variation: Hands behind the thighs

- Add a pad behind your back to fill some space, so you can push your back into the mat a bit easier

Second Variation: Resistance Band

- You can still keep that pad back behind for more support

Remember that the more you choke up on the band, the tighter the resistance

Third Variation: Barrel

- Add extension over the barrel

Fourth Variation: King Size Quilt

- I love the quilt option because it can be molded to fit your body however you need it to.

Fifth Variation: King Size Quilt turned into a large Wedge

- Here you can see how the quilt can be molded to fit your needs

Have fun watching the Playlist and trying some of these variations!

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