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The Dreaded Short Box Strap!!

Have you ever dreaded doing a Figure 4 stretch during class when switching legs during Tree on Short Box?

Is it because you are worried about having to be “all awkward” getting the foot strap back on the other foot? Are you worried you are holding up class? Has the awkwardness ever thrown you off so much that it was hard to concentrate on the second leg during the exercise?

Tree: Accessible options for a Bigger Pilates Body [and any other body who has felt the awkwardness]!!

Here’s a glimpse on how to be worry-free, so you can enjoy the blissful Figure 4 stretch when switching legs during Tree! [Teachers: see my comments after the pictures 🤓]

Slide the pole under your foot strap before you slide your foot out for Figure 4:

ENJOY the BLISSFUL Figure 4 Stretch!!!

SMILE - there’s no awkwardness!!!

SUPER THRILLED I don’t need to worry about the strap awkwardness!!!

You are SO READY for your other side!!!

TEACHERS: Teach your clients this trick if they struggle getting to the foot strap on your reformer (not just for bigger bodies).

**If you don’t have poles in your studio ➡️ go to your local hardware store and get a few wooden dowels that are long enough. They aren’t expensive, and the benefits of eliminating your client’s anxiety will outweigh the cost.

BONUS: A Magic Circle, Theraband, or braided Towel makes the stretches more accessible to beginners, bigger body clients, clients with tight hamstrings, clients who might be afraid of stretching backward, etc.

*I still need a little ‘something’ from time to time - and sometimes I just like having a little ‘something’ because it puts me in a better place (happy place). Try to have the prop available prior to Short Box, so it isn’t an afterthought. 😍

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