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Sharing my Pilates Passion through Teaching

I have a big announcement I've been waiting to share for months now!

I am one of three teachers that have been added to the (OPC) platform!

I am excited to be able to showcase my bigger Pilates body as a teacher on an online platform that stretches across the globe. My goal has been to share my passion for practicing Pilates in a bigger body and let others like me know that we have a place in this industry.

I've been a member of the OPC community for almost two years and it is such a happy place to share wins and to ask questions about practicing Pilates. We even talk spring settings and equipment stuff, so members can get the most out of their practice. Our members have a great attitude and we are all so different that there are endless opportunities to learn from each other and support each other on our journeys! OPC is all about Doing Lift Better and...

Connection, Community, & Consistency

I'll be teaching one week's theme every quarter to start - 1 Mat and 1 Reformer class. Plus, I'll teach a 50 minute class for the monthly theme once a quarter. I think this is a great start for me with such a busy scheduled, but we are already talking workshops and more for 2022!!

OPC is also going to do a week long FREE program for beginners starting Feb 20th to get more people on their mat!

If you are interested in joining our community or just want to check things out, please click the link below!

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