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Roll Up & Teaser Prep!

In my last blog post Roll Up Hacks, I had several ways to help with the Pilates Roll Up and posted some videos on YouTube.

This week I want to focus on a prep exercise that helps with both Roll Up & Teaser...because a Teaser is kind of like a Roll Up that's all hyped up!!


It doesn’t matter how far you curl up off the mat.

It doesn’t matter how far you curl up off the mat.

It doesn’t matter how far you curl up off the mat.

Find your connection and find your work. It may be hard and challenging, but this is what helps you build into other exercises (or makes your "struggle exercises" a little more bearable).

I’ve been giving this little exercise set out to clients since before the pandemic. It surprises me every time I try it myself because it still BURNS for me! It’s a good, slow burn. The kind where you know you’ve found it and you have to decide if you want to keep pushing or just drop to the mat with a sigh of relief. *For me, it seems that no matter what, I choose I end up on the mat sighing with relief. 😉

I love this prep so much and I hope you'll give it a try!! It’s so FUNdamental.

Don't have a Chair? No worries! All you need is a regular chair, a couch, the end of your bed, etc. Something that puts your legs at an angle and won't move away from you as you curl up.

Note: Keeping the legs as light as possible (hovering) increases the burn. And a nice solid press into the Chair can help connect you to your center.

Choose your journey.

Video: Roll Up & Teaser Prep - it's meant to be slow...

Size Diverse Pilates YouTube Channel: Roll Up & Teaser Prep Video

Picture: Notice I have a 1.5" block for my head on the mat. I needed some comfort because my neck was sore this day.

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