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Pilates Fundamentals

​The basics you'll be taking with you throughout your Pilates Journey. 

As you come to learn Pilates, the movements you learn all have a base from the Fundamentals*. You won't be using all of them at the same time, but you'll be using multiple in every exercise you do.

*All exercises actually start with your center and work outward. The Fundamentals are what I like to call "touch points" on your body that can help you figure out where you are in space, so you can connect better to your center. I LOVE the idea of these Fundamentals, even though they were not a "Joe thing".

I love warming clients up with prep exercises that use each of the fundamentals before we start our 100! These movements are typically small, but pointed exercises. Have you ever done arm circles, pelvic tucks and arches, or brought your legs to table top? All fundamental exercises! They not only warm us up, but they prepare our bodies to use multiple fundamentals as we go through the order.

My interpretation of the Pilates Fundamentals are:

  • Breathe

  • Shoulder [girdle] Stability

  • Upper Ab Curl

  • Natural Tall Spine

  • Abdominal Engagement

  • Pelvic Stability

  • Pelvic Mobility

I also like to add extension, rotation, and side bending to the idea of Pilates Fundamentals to complete the body's full range of motion in every direction.

Pictures below show some of the most common examples of exercises done to focus on the Fundamentals.

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