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March MATness Days 27 - 31: A Great Month of Challenge & Play

The end of the MATness was upon us a few days ago!! I really wanted to get all the videos out with my C-Shaper and thank my mentor, Carey, for inspiration throughout this month. She loves to play and helped me find some of the ways to incorporate the C-Shaper into the mat work.

Don't forget to check out the previous posts, which contain bonuses!

I hope you'll remember these fun times with me and Goldie, my C-Shaper!

Here are my final videos and thoughts:

Day 27 - The Boomerang

I played with Boomerang quite a bit and decided to focus on the curl back and the leg lift. Arms - a reach, but not the focus.

HARD. Doable, but hard. It’s slower and more intentional. I enjoyed this variation more than I thought I would.

Day 28 - The Seal & Crab

The C-Shaper is really fun for Seal. I can really find my curl and I have to use my breath to come out of it.

For the Crab part of the video - being higher helps get the lift up and over the legs, but (and that’s a huge but) it puts me higher and makes coming forward and down a little faster, requiring more control. I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. It means that I would have to do it more often to find the right muscles to help slow me down.

*It doesn’t even look that fast, but it feels that way because of how high I am.

Crab prep: I LOVED pulling into the C-Shaper and practicing the leg switch! I highly recommend this because it really makes you engage your core to stay in the C-Shaper.

Recommending: I did like the reverse variation where I got to put my head on the C-Shaper. It provided some support and it was nice to lift out of the headstand.

Day 29 - The Rocking

I found an interesting way to do Rocking…

The C-Shaper was challenging, but supported a generous extension.


- If this doesn't work in your body, you can go back to Swan and give that a try. It's a great prep for this one!

I learned one way NOT to do Rocking…in my body 🤓

I think it's important to show the "flops" and the "weird" because I want all my clients to feel like they can explore and find connections and maybe laugh when something doesn't quite work!

Here's what Rocking looks like it my body on a mat.

Day 30 - The Control Balance

I'm showing variations in the same set. When you are starting to play with this one, I don’t think the height matters as much as being able to “stand” strong on your upper back.

The C-Shaper can help you get up into Control Balance. It also gives you a small tactile connection. It isn’t the same connection as using a barrel, which can support you. The C-Shaper is soft and will squish down as you lean into it.


- Hands beside you is a great variation. Press the hands in as you reach one leg up as high as you can.

- Body position: wherever is comfortable will work. You can also inch yourself down and do some breathing in between reps, which is what I’m showing here. It takes a lot of control and throws you a little more off balance.

- You can also do a low hip variation, much like Single Straight Leg Stretch or Scissors.

Day 31 - The Push-Up

I decided to use the C-Shaper as more of a “where am I in space?” prop.

The C-Shaper is so soft that I wouldn’t want to do a push up with my hands on it.

Plus, I have wide shoulders and the C-Shaper is more narrow.

To note: I liked having the visual of the back of the C-Shaper as a place to aim to put my head. I can't do a push up all the way to the ground, but this gives me a goal.

And this is the full mat series for March MATness! I can't wait until next year!

Inhale Love. Exhale Gratitude.


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