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March MATness Day 20 - 26

Let's continue going over each of the Mat exercises using the C-Shaper!

Don't forget to check out the previous posts, which contain bonuses!

Day 20 - Side Leg Kick

The C-Shaper is an amazing tool to provide feedback. I know from experience that all the variations limit my range, but I can feel the work deep.


- Don't be afraid to play with the bottom leg position.

Day 21 - The Teaser

No cheating with the C-Shaper! Or maybe we use a different perspective…

The C-Shaper lets me know where my body is in space, so I can keep on evolving as I go! It's like a tactile cue from an inanimate object. Pretty darn cool.

Day 22 - The Hip Twist with Stretched Arms

aka Hip Circles

The C-Shaper makes this a little more doable for me, but being in a “C” shape and circling the legs is SO MUCH harder than you’d expect.


- Instead of arms back, I’m using the straps on the C-Shaper to connect to my upper body and back…and to keep me IN the C-Shaper.

Day 23 - Swimming

I really enjoy Swimming, and these are fun variations!! A ton of work, though!

The C-Shaper has an interesting curve when turned sideways and is so soft that it make balancing a serious challenge.

Day 24 - Leg Pull Front & Leg Pull [Back]

I'll admit right now that I tried a few options with the C-Shaper for Leg Pull Front and I didn’t love any of them. I absolutely loathe planking on my forearms, but it it was much better than having my wrists bent back due to the lushness of the cushy C-Shaper.

In the end, it was good for me to play with options just to gather information for future reference.

LEG PULL: I liked the variation because I pulled into the C-Shaper, but kept my shoulders back and my neck straighter. It took some work to lift and lower the legs - good work from the center.


- Keep your arms strong in the strap.

Day 25 - The Side Kick Kneeling

The C-Shaper poses a little more of a balance challenge for me. I could feel my legs shifting as I tried to kick. I do prefer my hand solid on the floor and the lower angel of my body.


- Slow down and focus

- Practice the leg lifts first

- If you aren't tall enough to reach up and over, then skip it. If you want to see how the cushion of the C-Shaper feels, then turn it around and play your hand in the middle.

I showed my back side, so you could see my legs move due to the balance challenge.

Here I show my body angle with my hand on the floor/mat.

Day 26 - The Side Bend

I think I said this best in my Instagram post:

"Today comes with a side of awkwardness, but I’m here for it. It was really interesting getting into the right position to feel the C-Shaper in my side body. Once I was there, it was actually really amazing to side curl (bend) into the C of the C-Shaper."

Showing the leg position:

Inhale Love. Exhale Gratitude.

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