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March MATness Days 13 - 19

Let's continue going over each of the Mat exercises using the C-Shaper!

Don't forget to check out the previous posts, which contain bonuses!

Day 13 - One Leg Kick

The C-Shaper gives a lift in the pelvis, so it makes lifting the legs and keeping them up a bit more accessible. It also makes staying in extension more accessible.

Day 14 - Double Leg Kick

The C-Shaper makes Double Leg Kick a bit more of a challenge because you have to come into extension without the help of your arms while lifting the legs.


- Place the hands on the mat to lift into Swan. Play with the reach of the legs and arms away from each other.

Day 15 - The Neck Pull

The C-Shaper is a great way to practice The Neck Pull. It puts the body into a higher curl, so it is more accessible to curl up and over.


- Use a strap over the feet for more control lowering and lifting off the C-Shaper.

Day 16 - High Scissors & Bicycle

The C-Shaper helps lift the pelvis up, which gives you more room to open the front of the hips as the legs Scissor and Bicycle.

Note: I am working like crazy to press my tailbone into the C-Shaper to open the front of the hips. It might not look like much, but it REALLY takes a lot of work to control.

Day 17 - Shoulder Bridge

The C-Shaper helps put the body into a pelvic tuck, which makes the movement into a bridge more accessible (do you like how I keep talking about accessibility?).

Note: I am hugging my legs into the C-Shaper to help find the muscle I need to engage and lift.

Another variation of Shoulder Bridge that I love because the feet are a little higher, which can help the hip lift. The other thing about this variation on the C-Shaper is that the back can be used as a guide for the kicks.

Day 18 - Spine Twist

Much like Spine Stretch and Saw, Spine Twist on the C-Shaper gives me a boost so I can sit taller and keep equal weight in both hips. Adding the bent knee provides some hip flexor relief (or can help with tight hamstrings).

Day 19 - The Jack-Knife

The C-Shaper is wonderful for The Jack-Knife! The hips are lifted, which gives me an "edge" and the back of the C-shaper gives me an idea of the end range of my legs.

Coming out of The Jack-Knife and landing on the soft C-Shaper makes this challenging exercise a little more comfortable.

Inhale Love. Exhale Gratitude.

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