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Pilates Teacher Training Programs & Costs

I had an interesting conversation the other day about Teacher Training Programs and the costs associated with it and it took me back to something I heard a few years ago...

You should be able to make your investment back within a year after you complete your training/testing [noting this is the case when teaching is your primary source of income].

I honestly couldn't agree more...and I believe that you can. However, I also think that a cheaper program with fewer requirements doesn't always set trainees up for success & ENDS UP COSTING them MORE in the long run. I've had many conversation where teachers have gone through multiple programs because they didn't get what they needed out of their original program, and in a lot of cases they didn't feel comfortable teaching. This should never be the case.

In the end - it could cost you more that just dollars. It may hurt your confidence level.

Your Teacher Training Program should give you the tools you need to TEACH all types of clients and also help you create an online or in-studio presence so you can gain clients and make money.


When I was creating my Pilates Teacher Training Program(s)*, I kept a price point in mind and worked backwards. I needed to cover the studio rental expenses and I wanted to cover my own costs. After that, I tried to build as many extras in as possible to create the ultimate experience at the price point.

*I had help from someone who's been in the industry for >20 years, so that was an amazing help!

I knew I wanted the following things for my trainees:

  • I wanted my programs to showcase ALL shapes and sizes in print and in videos.

  • I wanted my programs to be inclusive, accessible, and creative for ANYONE.

  • I wanted to create the ability for Pilates lovers to take a deeper dive, but not be worried if they never wanted to teach [something Pilates nerds would love].

  • I wanted my program to bridge any gaps teachers may have from their trainings (based on the conversations mentioned above).

  • I wanted my programs to have a multifaceted learning experience, so I built in Visual, Auditory, Reading, and Tactile learning into the programs.

    • I created the ~ MOVE ~ LEARN ~ TEACH ~ cycle to encompass these points and have them repeating throughout the program.

    • I created full color manuals through Barnes & Noble Press with lots of pictures, QR codes to videos, and space to write notes.

    • I decided to have a lot of workshop time to ensure there was plenty of time to ~ MOVE ~ LEARN ~ TEACH ~ throughout the weekends.

    • I decided to video workshops and classes and make them available for those who need to absorb in person, but may also need to re-watch or re-experience or take notes later.

    • I decided to add in Critical Thinking Worksheets throughout the program to help trainees understand how the method works together across all apparatus AND relate that to different humans and life scenarios.

    • I decided to add a few touch points between workshops to keep the trainees engaged and as a time and place for them to ask questions about their program hours.

  • I wanted my trainees to experience seeing, practicing Pilates, and practice teaching with support before taking any assessments or testing. I WANT trainees to feel comfortable on their own.

  • I wanted anyone from anywhere to be able to experience this accessible and inclusive program, so I decided to have a virtual option built in.

What I did NOT include in the PRICE:

  • An Anatomy Course

I give trainees a recommended program, but I did not create one for the program. I wanted to ensure that trainees found an anatomy course that resonated with them based on their learning style.

  • The Self-Guided Hours

    • Observation

    • Private or Semi-Private Session

    • Classes

    • Self-Practice

    • Practice Teaching

I want trainees to be able to experience their hours with a range of different platforms and teachers. I want them to watch and practice with whoever they want, but encourage a range of DIFFERENT teachers with different backgrounds**

**Of course I give suggestions/guidance on who I highly recommend they watch and practice with to experience Pilates in different ways.

I believe this is how you become who you are supposed to be. You find something you resonate with along the way, and it becomes a part of who you are and how you teach...and that should change over time.

So, let's round back to the Program Cost & if you can make that money back in a year after you complete your program....

My Mat Program is $2500 and includes:

  • 54 hours of workshop time

  • 7 hours of post workshop mentor time [classes, meetings, open studio]

  • Manuals

  • Video libraries filled with exercises, mini workshops, tutorials, and classes

Breaking down the hours $2500/61 hours = $41 per hour. It's basically the same cost of a Semi-Private session. However, my trainees get to have 12 month access to all these hours to watch again and experience. Plus, there's all the extra content to help support them along the way.

If you made $20 per mat session you taught, you would only need to work 125 hours in one year to make back the $2500 investment. If you taught 5 sessions per week, you'd make that back in 25 weeks (~6 months).


I kept the pricing structure steady throughout the Mat + Reformer and the Comprehensive Programs, so trainees could make their investment back in ~ 1 year after training completion.

It's true that not all programs or content is created equal. What you'll get from me is someone who truly cares about your investment and is willing to invest their time and effort into you to make you the teacher you are meant to be.

If you need more information or would like details on signing up, please email:

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