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Just Play!!

I am so excited about my 50 minute Cadillac class that just launched yesterday on I made a fun workout that would work on the Cadillac, Tower, or Springboard. The class is available a-la-carte or through the OPC membership.

Interested in checking it out??

- See the description below and TRY the first 10 minutes!

Class Description:

What if we didn’t worry about how big our leg circles were or whether we can get our bottoms up or whether our extensions are “worthy”?

What if we decided to look for possibilities?

What if we went a smidgeon past our limit or what if we decided to bring our ranges in a bit?

What if we laughed and said “nailed it!” when we fell out of an exercise and then celebrated our efforts?

What if we decided to Just Play?!

In this month’s 50 minute classes we’ll be exploring possibilities and playing! When we are little, we find out who we are through PLAY. Playing allows us to discover new ideas and feelings, it allows us to express ourselves, and it helps us make connections. Join us for these playful classes that will allow and encourage you to feel and explore your body in the different exercises without worrying about form.

And when we are done, we are all going to say “nailed it!”


Do you want to do the full 50 minutes & JUST PLAY all month??

Take me to the A-la-Carte Class!!

Inhale Love. Exhale Gratitude.


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