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When 2 Exercises Join Forces...

Teachers: What do you do when you hear clients groan because you've called out a least favorite exercise???

Non-Teachers: Are you groaning at your Pilates Teacher??? How dare you? LOL!! I'm just kidding. I'm a teacher and I do this, too, though I've learn to internalize it a bit. My face probably gives me away (don't say "hip circles")!

Did you know that by examining what exercises are in other exercises, you can

figure out how to make connections in your body to the more challenging exercises?


And this is why the post is called "When 2 Exercises Join Forces..."

I want you to think about your least favorite exercise(s) and see if you can find some of your favorite exercises in them. PLAY around with what might be IN those exercises!!

Examples below are Mat based, but this can be applied to apparatus exercises

Examine Roll Up:

Upper Ab Curl (UAC) is a Pilates Fundamental --> it is one of the key elements of our Roll Up exercise. We must first learn our UAC and how to stay strong in it. Then we learn how to continue or "roll" through it to come up and over --> to complete our Roll Up.

Examine Teaser:

Roll Up + Double Leg Stretch = Teaser

or Double Straight Leg Stretch = Teaser 2!

Rolling Like a Ball + Double Leg Stretch = Teaser

*It's almost like Around the Clock with a bit of a lift

I think there are more combinations that can be made for Teaser - what are you thoughts?? How about some visuals??

If I rolled back slightly and lifted the legs = Teaser

If I removed the strap and lifted the legs = Teaser

Adding the roller under the legs increases the challenge of the Roll Up, but can also help you build into your Teaser

The start of Double Leg Stretch

Reaching out into Double Leg Stretch. What if I added my Roll Up to this? Teaser!

Content Creator Gwen Head rocking her Teaser!!!

Examine Tree:

Roll Up + Single Straight Leg Stretch = Tree

Examine Open Leg Rocker:

Spine Stretch + Rolling Like a Ball = Open Leg Rocker

*I'm also seeing the possibility of...

Spine Stretch + Single Straight Leg Stretch + Rolling Like a Ball = Open Leg Rocker

**Yep, there can be more than 2 exercises in 1.


Relating one exercise to another is something I really enjoyed when I went through teacher training, which is why I make it a discussion point when I am training new Pilates teachers in training.

I think it's a super fun way to connect the work and learn how to love a least favorite exercise.

There's NO right or wrong. Everyone finds different connections in their bodies.

Having trouble figuring out a challenging exercise?? Want a DEEPER DIVE into the work??

My Teacher Training Program is meant for ANYONE who wants to learn more.

Foundations start in April and Mat in May...followed by Reformer in July and everything else this fall to complete the Comprehensive Program.

I offer 3 Programs: Mat only, Mat + Reformer, & Comprehensive

I use a learning model I created to incorporate multiple learning style needs called:


If you are interesting in moving in a more connected way, learning more about the Pilates work, and/or teaching others - feel free to contact me with questions on how to get started! I would love to work with you!

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