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Pilates is about Practice, not Perfection

Pilates is a practice, therefore you never need to be perfect.

You can totally have an ‘oh shit’ moment and still move on with your workout.

I always feel that my body learns more when I push myself and “mess up”. During the shaky, or imperfect moments, my mind is actively learning and figuring things out - bring the mind and body connection together in my practice.

✅ I learn how to engage more parts of my body.

✅ I learn my current limit and how to progress myself.

✅ I learn to ask for ideas and/or help.

In the video:

Did you love my sudden awareness of almost biting it? You can see me say “Ope!”

Yes, the execution was far from perfect and I fell forward, but so what? Having an “Ope!” moment is not a bad thing when it comes to my personal practice!

My Pilates goals are:

✅ Have a consistent practice

✅ Become stronger - to have a better life

✅ Become more flexible - to have a better life

✅ Become more balanced - to have a better life

✅ Help others with their movement goals (in any way they need) so they can feel better in their lives

Enjoy your “Ope!” moments as much as your “Yes!” moments. You can learn so much, which leads you to more “Yes!” moments! ♥️♥️

**Ope moments are basically ‘oh shit’ moments or something a little smaller than an ‘oh shit’ moment, but Midwesterners seem to love to say the non-word word “ope!” It’s a thing.

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