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OPC Summer Camp: Pilates Workshops

OPC - Online Pilates Classes -

We are only a few days away from the Weekend OPC Summer Camp that was made for Pilates lovers...

No, it's not just for teachers. It's an event for EVERYONE!!!

It's our 3rd year doing a summer something at OPC...and we've brought in help from all over the world to help us give you what you asked for! Lots of workouts and workshops over 2 days with FOREVER ACCESS to REPLAYS!!!

Short Description:

Summer Camp is a weekend of workshops and workouts led by OPC Teachers & Friends! Join the community in virtual live events and/or watch the replays. Your chance to eat, sleep, Pilates, repeat. This is a 2-day camp where you get to stay in your own bed, eat your own food, and have no mosquito bites! Get a 'Day Pass' or two, or buy a-la-carte!

Hey, Rach, what are you doing for camp??

Well, I'm so glad you asked!!! I am teaching a Workshop on the Long Stretches series. Typically, done on the Reformer - but we are doing both Mat and Reformer Pilates variations to build strength and create stability in the upper body!!!

What else could I sign up for??

Fabulous question!! I would have asked the same thing!!

We have Day Passes or you can buy certain workouts or workshops individually. Anything you show up to LIVE - you get your name in a drawing to win a private session!! So, if you buy Day Passes and hit them all - you are going to have your name in the hat A TON of times!!

If you decide to buy a Day Pass - I'm on SUNDAY!!!

Where do I sign up??

I got you!! Check out this link: OPC Summer Camp 2024

And I'll see you this weekend!

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