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March MATness in June?

I know it's June, not March. But also, how is it already June???!!!

I didn't blog anything in March for March MATness, but I did participate and built a YouTube Playlist dedicated to SEATED Pilates mat work.

As I continue my journey of making Pilates accessible, and training others on how to teach in an accessible way, I thought it would be fitting to do a seated series. All the videos use a chair and some props...because props help with connections!

Some of my favorite exercises seated:

  • SWAN - using a foam roller or a pole. This one felt amazing in my body and I hope others enjoyed it as much as I did!

  • SPINE TWIST - with a small ball between the knees. Holy moly - LOVE IT!!!

  • ROLL UP - with a small ball between the knees. A fun way to make Roll Up your new favorite!

  • ONE LEG CIRCLE - with fabric resistance band. I built in some arm work with the leg work.

*I linked my favorites above: I recommend the 36x6 roller and I love both band strengths from Two8Bandz.

If you check out my Playlist., you will notice I stopped at day 26. I might add the rest at some point, but it's not really necessary for the seated variations.

The cool thing about Pilates is that the exercises are wrapped into each other. The further down the order, the more likely it is that you've already experienced the core work and connections in another exercise.

Here's my take on what to do for the "rest of the MATness":

27 - Boomerang = Roll Up, Teaser, or Rolling Like a Ball

28 - Seal & Crab = Rolling Like a Ball

29 - Rocking = Swan or Swimming

30 - Control Balance = Single Straight Leg Stretch or Scissors

31 - Push Up = Leg Pull Front

See - we've already been there!!!

Check out my Playlist and let me know what you think by commenting on the videos + please LIKE & SHARE!!!

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