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It's Okay to Look like You & Do the Things...

I wanted to send a reminder that you don't have to change anything about yourself

  • To try Pilates for the first time

    • No matter what you see when you Google "Pilates"

  • To get back into Pilates even if you've been "on a break"

    • Your body remembers more than you know

  • To try a new Pilates class even if you aren't sure if you can finish it

    • It's okay to rest!

  • To try a "new to you" Pilates exercise

    • It's okay to use a variation of a Pilates exercise, too!

  • To be proud of what you can do right now!

    • If you are practicing, you are amazing!

  • To sign up for teacher training

    • We need teachers of all kinds!

There is no rule on what kind of shape you need to be in or what your body shape or size is to do the things you love.

If you are currently stuck in the mindset of "I used to be able to XYX" or "I can't do XYZ anymore" or "I've never been able to XYZ" or anything similar to those statements - let me tell you that all great things have a beginning!

And you are allowed to have a NEW beginning, if you choose to!

Your story hasn't ended.

Did you know?

Joseph Pilates opened his New York Studio when he was over 40 years old!

He was born in 1883 and he came to America in 1926 to open his studio.

He passed away when he was 83.

Think of all those years he was able to spend working on his method and helping people overcome ailments and injuries.

Again, your story hasn't ended!

Open a new chapter and see what becomes of it...

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