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Intertwined Design

When I started Pilates, I saw other clients doing some really cool advanced exercises. I would look them up on the internet to see what they were doing because I hadn't ever tried anything advanced. I was also mesmerized by the complexity!

Did you know that Pilates is designed in a way where the exercises are intertwined within each other. So even when you are doing the basics or fundamentals, you are building your practice. It's fantastic!

Shown in picture: High Scissors [& Rachel channeling Mr. Pilates short pants]

I loved learning about how the Pilates exercises were intertwined in teacher training, so I've decided to start a bi-weekly series on my blog called "Sunday Sessions: Breakdown X" [X being an exercise].

During this series, I'll breakdown a specific exercise, show some modifications or variations, and I will suggest other exercises you can do to build into that exercise. I think it's going to be really fun and I'm going to start at the beginning...and with everyone's favorite exercise:

The 100!

I can't wait to share some of this NERDY stuff with you! Look for the first post on Feb 14th and definitely forward this blog post to any friend who might be interested in my upcoming blog posts. All they have to do is subscribe on my website and they are all set!

Shown in picture: High Scissors (Scissors) on a Spine Correction*

*Balanced Body Arc Lite

*I'd love to tell you more about High Scissors right now, but you'll have to wait for the full post later this year! I'll give you a hint - you can practice High Scissors on a Barrel or Spine Corrector for support while you learn it. Also, Jacknife is woven into High Scissors, Roll up is woven into Jacknife, and your upper ab curl is woven into Roll up. There's some food for thought!

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