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I Wrote a Couple of Articles on Pilates!!

I'm aiming for a short blog post today because I'm sharing the two articles that I've written in the last 9 months or so, in the hopes that you'll read those and send me some feedback!

When The Pilates Journal reached out to ask if I'd be willing to write an article about what accessibility in fitness truly means and what I would like other movement teachers to understand when working with clients.

I was extremely excited and overly nervous, but I did it!! With a lot of help from the editor, CJ Zarb, I was published in the September 2023 issue.

Months had passed and I was applying* to have my Pilates Teacher Training School listed on the Contrology by Balanced Body site. The person reviewing my information asked if I would be willing to write an article for The Core because they'd love my perspective on teaching every body. Of course, I had to jump at the chance to chat about that and I could have gone on forever on that topic!!!

I was published in April 2024.

*by the way, Size Diverse Pilates Teacher Training is listed on the site as a classical school (YAY!)

Again, I hope you'll read my articles on Pilates and send me some feedback!

The Pilates Journal
A no judgement approach to Pilates in The Pilates Journal

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