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Embracing Change Talking through Trauma Podcast!!!

I was very excited to talk on the Embracing Change Talking through Trauma podcast with Tami Lysher [@studioTpilatesmi on Instagram] and June Hall this past week.

- We talked how social media from larger companies aren't showing a good range of diversity, including body shapes and sizes.

- We talked about limited availability of plus fitness clothing.

- We talked about how Pilates doesn't always seem accessible to all body shapes and sizes [even though it CAN BE]

- We talked about how a lot of major Pilates training programs aren't geared toward body size/shape accessibility - leaving new teachers with a gap in training

I started talking about the ins and outs of the Size Diverse Pilates Teacher Training Program that I am currently running!! I wasn't expecting to talk that much about the program, which had me hung up on my words a bit - BUT I am so grateful to Tami and June for letting me speak about it. I love the design of my program so much and it was created to help any kind of learner have a greater understanding of the Pilates method & how to teach all types of humans.

If you are interested in how I designed it and whether or not you'd think it would be a good fit - I recommend watching or listening to the podcast (also available on Spotify). I explain about how I created the program to support the different learning needs of individuals and much more!!

The other thing we talked about was autonomy (self directed ability and freedom to do something). I was taught how to be autonomous in my Pilates practice and I help others do the same. There's a short clip from the podcast below.

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