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Call this variation what you will...I’m not naming it!

I ♥️ teaching this variation to clients.

I ♥️ giving this variation as homework to a client.

Video 1: Cross leg, Standing Push Down, Lower and Lift Heels

Video 2: Cross leg, Standing Push Down


It not only feels good in my body, but it has a little bit of tricky work intertwined to make me stronger and more balanced.

When I feel balanced and strong - I feel EMPOWERED!

This exercise will:

🔑 Challenge your BALANCE & help you gain balance!

🔑 Help lengthen your spine (so you feel taller)

🔑 Help stretch your hamstrings and calf muscles (backs of the legs)

🔑 Challenge your proprioception (awareness of the position and movement of your body)

From a Pilates practice standpoint:

🔑 It helps you figure out how to balance your weight between your arms and legs to lift and lower the heels (which comes up in a lot of other exercises throughout the method).

Call this variation what you will. I’m not naming it!!!

Equipment: Pilates Chair (Balanced Body Centerline)

Photo: Me teaching hubby this exact variation 1 year ago

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