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March Matness

We are talking Pilates Matwork! March Matness is an amazing pun on March Madness!

So, what is March Matness?

It's a celebration for Pilates enthusiasts and practitioners all over the world to celebrate the Pilates Mat order by doing one of the mat exercises a day, all month long!

And TODAY - we are at the halfway point in all the Matness!!!

Whether you are new to Pilates, or have been around since the first year of March Matness (2013), there is a ton of content all over Instagram to help you know the order and to find inspiration or variations.

How have I been celebrating Pilates March Matness?

  • I have been doing variations of each exercise for my posts

  • I have tried to incorporate some props

  • I have been sharing others' variations through my stories

  • I have been liking and commenting on posts

It's been a lot of fun seeing different bodies perform the exercises and watching people showcase their favorite variations.

I love variations because I know that Joseph Pilates modified and variated his exercises based on the bodies he had in front of him.

Let's talk order:

Mat order (the order in which you do your mat exercises) can be different at each studio. I find that most of them are pretty close for the mat work.

The basics of the order are the same, but sometimes there are additions or subtractions of exercises. Any order will strengthen your body!

Photo showcasing the Mat Work via a handy notepad from Pilates Nerd

The mat order I practice and learned in Teacher Training is below. You can see it is different than the picture I posted. We have a few extras in our mat order. I have highlighted the Level 4 and Level 5 exercises in blue. I throw these into my mat workout here and there, time pending.

Remember - it doesn't matter what order you practice. If you are moving your body regularly, that is good enough!!

RCP Mat Order:

  • Footwork

  • 100

  • Roll up

  • Roll over

  • Tree

  • Single Leg Circle

  • Rolling Like a Ball

  • Stomach Series (add Around the Clock for advanced challenge)

  • Spine Stretch

  • Open Leg Rocker

  • Corkscrew

  • Saw

  • Swan Dive

  • Single Leg Kick

  • Double Leg Kick

  • Neck Pull

  • Scissors

  • Bicycle

  • Shoulder Bridge

  • Spine Twist

  • Jacknife

  • Side Leg Kick Series

  • Teaser

  • Hip Circles

  • Swimming

  • Leg Pull Front

  • Leg Pull

  • Side Kicks Kneeling

  • Side Bend

  • Twist I

  • Twist II

  • Boomerang

  • Seal

  • Crab

  • Rocking

  • Control Balance

  • Push Up

Feeling inspired to try? Join me for the last half of March Matness! I'll be posting almost daily and will be sharing variations in my Instagram stories!! I am trying to show variations that anyone could try no matter what the level of the exercise is!

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