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Building Inclusive & Accessible Workouts for Size Diverse Clients


  • Pilates Fundamentals & Basic Body Shapes

  • Supportive Props & How to Use Them

  • Adjusting the Reformer for Size Diverse Clients

  • Mat Exercises Related to the Reformer

  • Reformer Exercises Related to the Mat

  • Importance & Empowerment of Mat for Size Diverse Clients

  • Inclusive Language, Empowerment, & Autonomy



In this workshop, Attendees will learn how to observe the body of the client in front of them while finding ways to variate from the classical work to give size diverse clients an empowering workout while creating autonomy.


Attendees will also learn how to make exercises work for their clients instead of trying to make the client conform to the exercises. Using props to support clients and learning how to adjust equipment to make classes and sessions more inclusive will round out this workshop.



  • Inclusivity

  • Accessibility

  • Positive and respectful language

  • Assessing clients without judgement

  • Relating exercises

  • Building on exercises to create support and to create challenges in the work

*This Workshop can be submitted for CECs through the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) & has been previously approved for CECs by the NPCP.

Bringing the FUN Back:
Using the Fundamentals to
Support the Exercises


  • Pilates Fundamentals: Lecture & Movement

  • Application and Relation between the Fundamentals and the Basic Body Shapes

  • Finding Connections using the Fundamentals (with Props and/or Apparatus*)

  • Applying the Fundamentals to ANY Exercise

  • Using the Fundamentals to become more Autonomous in Self-Practice

*Outline is adjusted based on whether the workshop is mat or apparatus based (or both).



In this workshop, Attendees will learn the connection between the Pilates Fundamentals and the basic body shapes in Pilates, which are the foundation of all the exercises in the repertoire.  They will learn how these concepts play a key role at ANY level of practice, and they'll learn how to use them to create support or to create a challenge for themselves.


This workshop is meant to be lecture, movement, and autonomous at different points.  Attendees will be given the chance to trial different fundamental exercises then use what they learn to practice some of the exercises they find difficult and "easy".  Attendees will have time to practice, ask questions, and take notes for their own Pilates practice. Attendees will be given props and adjustments to ensure accessibility for their own exploration.



  • Learning the Pilates Fundamentals & Body Shapes

  • Building & Relating exercises

  • Building an Autonomous Self-Practice

  • Finding and Creating Challenges in the Work (if you want to)


  • Inclusive Language, Empowerment, & Autonomy

  • Accessibility

  • Positive and Respectful Language

  • No Judgement


*This Workshop can be submitted for CECs through the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP).

On Demand & Available Now


Snakes, Elephants, Frogs, and Grasshoppers…are you ready to explore some Reformer exercises with just your mat?!

If you’ve ever wondered if you could do reformer exercises on your mat, this workshop is for you!

We’ll go through a number of reformer exercises to incorporate in your mat routine –> to mix things up and make you even stronger. You’ll learn how to make your own mash up of reformer and mat exercises to create new possibilities for your own practice (or for teaching others).

You do not need to have access to a reformer, but we will use some small props and a barrel to help with body position and to provide feedback.

**It's best to purchase the Reformer on the Mat Workout as a compliment to the workshop, but not necessary. 




Size Diverse Pilates [on Fusion Pilates EDU]


Rachel Piper explores a variety of reformer exercises and how to adapt them to the Cadillac and Mat in order to teach Pilates to bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Learn to prep and prop over 30 tried and true exercises in ways that are supportive and challenging in order to bring clients into the heart and soul of the Pilates repertoire.

The workshop also includes a discussion on internal bias, teacher language, and teacher/client expectations to encourage more awareness and inclusiveness in our studios.


  • Explore how to teach size diverse clients

  • Learn how to transition reformer exercises to the Cadillac and Mat in order to build the strength to manage a moving carriage

  • Create variations that can be practiced in a home program to keep clients progressing outside the studio

Notes: Varying levels are covered in this workshop and multiple mat props and apparatus are used.

**Available to EVERYONE NOW!!!

3.7 Hours and available as CECs through NCPC

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