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Prop It Like It's Hot!!!

It's all about accessibility this week on OPC (Online Pilates Classes)!!

Later TODAY at 4PM CST - my next weekly class drops on OPC - and it's ALL ABOUT ACCESSIBILITY!!!

I especially LOVE the mat this week - it's different than the typical week because we are repeating exercises using different props to try and figure out connections in our bodies!! It's SO FUN!! And it's happening the week March MATness starts!!

"Mini Commercial" for my class that starts tomorrow - to do class you have to be a member. You can be a member for just one week if you want, but I think you'll really enjoy the classes and community. **I'm posting this early in the day, so you have time to get your membership going! You have class for a full week!! Come and chat with us in the FaceBook group once you join.

March MATness is almost here!!!

March MATness is when the Pilates community comes together and we do the Return to Life Mat order all month long - typically one exercise a day.

For example: March 1 = The Hundred and March 2 = The Roll Up...and so on!

I blogged in March MATness 2021 and chatted about the order. I also used the C-Shaper prop last year and did some posts - here's the post that has a link to my March MATness 2022 happenings.

This year the studio I teach at, Rivercity Pilates, is doing a March MATness challenge. Daily mini workouts that are 10 minutes or less with the Magic Circle. They'll be posting on their socials, so follow @rviercitypilates on Instagram

Want to keep track of your days? Here's a super cute calendar!!

I'm going to play with the Magic Circle this year, too, so stay tuned!!

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