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Pilates Comprehensive
Teacher Training

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If you ever want to become a 
Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) for Mat + Apparatus, you are required to go through programming that includes ALL LEVELS Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, & Small Equipment.  The Program outlined below is the final piece you'll need after Mat & Reformer training.
You are required to take Intermed
iate Mat & Intermediate Reformer AND have paid for (and plan to take) Advanced Mat & Advanced Reformer BEFORE starting the Program below.

Cadillac, Chairs, &
Small Equipment

Workshops   [Included in program]    
All Levels Cadillac:  39 hours    
All Levels Chair:      21 hours
All Levels Small Equipment:  13 hours


Move, Learn, & Teach Sessions 

[Included in program]
Cadillac: 6 hours    
Chairs:   3 hours
Learning Materials [Included in program]
3 Full Color Manuals
Video Libraries            
Misc Video Content            
Self Guided Hours*
Observation                     65 hours    
Private/Semi-Private       25 hours
Classes                            20 hours
Self Practice                    20 hours
Practice Teaching            65 hours
TOTAL    195 hours      

$500 total for all assessments listed below
- Written Comprehensive [All Levels]

- Comprehensive Workout

- Intermediate Teaching 1:1

- Advanced Teaching 1:1

- All Levels Teaching Group: Mix Equip

*Costs not included in the program: Self-Guided Hours + Assessments    

Note: These assessments incorporate Advanced Mat, Advanced Reformer, and All Levels Cadillac, Chair, & Small Equipment. Assessments for Intermediate Mat & Reformer are separate.        

Training Dates 2024

Levels 1-3 Cadillac Workshop 1: Fri May 17  4P-9P CST  Levels 1-3 Cadillac Workshop 1: Sat May 18  12-8P CST

Levels 1-3 Cadillac Workshop 2: Fri May 31  4P-9P CST  Levels 1-3 Cadillac Workshop 2: Sat June 1  12-8P CST

Move, Learn, Teach:            Sat June 8   12-3P CST
Levels 1-3 Cadillac

All Levels Chairs:   Fri July 12  4-9P CST

All Levels Chairs:   Sat July 13  12-8P CST

All Levels Chairs:   Sun July 14  7A-3P CST

Move, Learn, Teach:            Sat July 27   12-3P CST

All Levels Chairs


All Levels Small Equipment:   Fri August 9  4-9P CST

All Levels Small Equipment:   Sat August 10  12-8P CST


Advanced Cadillac Workshop 2: Fri Oct 25  4P-9P CST  Advanced Cadillac Workshop 2: Sat Oct 26  12-8P CST

Move, Learn, Teach:            Sat Nov 9   12-3P CST
Advanced Cadillac + All Levels Small Equipment

Move, Learn, Teach Sessions are 1 hour of class; 1 hour of guided mentor learning; 1 hour of practice teaching.
Hours count towards your self-guided hours if you participate, and are included in the program.


+Because everyone learns in a different way we have not created an Anatomy Course within the program.  We will provide a list of courses we suggest. You will need to provide evidence of completion before your Assessments.

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