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Pilates Reformer Teacher Training

Advanced Reformer

Pre-requisites: Intermediate Mat & Intermediate Reformer


Workshops  [Included in program]    
Advanced Reformer:    20 hours


Move, Learn, & Teach Sessions  

[Included in program]
Advanced:    3 hours    
Learning Materials [Included in program]
1 Full Color Manual                
Video Libraries            
Misc Video Content            
Self Guided Hours*
Observation                     15 hours    
Private/Semi-Private       5 hours
Classes                            10 hours
Self Practice                     5 hours
Practice Teaching            25 hours
TOTAL    60        
*Costs not included in the program: Self-Guided Hours + Assessment(s)

Training Dates 2024

Reformer Workshop Weekend:   Fri Sept 27  4-9P CST
Reformer Workshop Weekend:   Sat Sept 28 12-8P CST

Reformer Workshop Weekend:   Sun Sept 29 7A-2P CST

Move, Learn, Teach:            Fri Oct 12   12-3P CST
Levels 4-5 Reformer

Move, Learn, Teach Sessions are 1 hour of class; 1 hour of guided mentor learning; 1 hour of practice teaching.
Hours count towards your self-guided hours if you participate, and are included in the program.


+Because everyone learns in a different way we have not created an Anatomy Course within the program.  We will provide a list of courses we suggest. You will need to provide evidence of completion before your Assessments.

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