Size Diverse Pilates Teacher Training Program

Advanced Mat Program

The Advance Mat Program allows you to pick up right after any Intermediate Mat Program (Levels 1 - 3) and will round out the rest of the mat work.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2023


Program Details

 - Level 4 Workshop [6 hours]

 - Level 4 Mat Manual

 - Level 5 Workshop [6 hours]

 - Level 5 Mat Manual

 - 12 month access to Level 4 & 5 Virtual Libraries

 - 12 month access to the Level 4 & 5 Workshop Library

 - 2 Virtual Mentor Sessions

 - 3 Open Studio Sessions

 - 5 Virtual Mat Sessions

 - 70 hours of Self & Mentor Guided Practice

 - Option to test out of Advanced Mat

 - Option to buy the Level 1 - 3 Mat Manual

Pre-requisites required: contact for more information & to apply.

     How much does it cost?

Advance Mat: Levels 4-5 Program cost is $1500.

Early bird $1250 if purchased by Jan 1, 2023.

What are the pre-requisites?

You must have entered into or completed a Mat Levels 1-3 program.

You must have completed an Anatomy course.

*Please email to see if you are eligible

Are there HIDDEN costs?

There are EXTRA costs.

Your extra costs are your Self-Guided hours + three (3) tests.

I can help you find studio or virtual options to fulfill your hours.

Can I test out of Intermediate with you?

It's possible. You'll want to email me and set up a time to chat about your current program and progression.

You may also want to purchase the Level 1-3 Manual.

Why is Testing Optional?

You can take the Level 4-5 program for knowledge only. Cost doesn't change.

If you want a completion certificate or if you want to eventually take the NCPT exam, you'll want to test.

How many hours total?

~90 hours total, which includes the workshops and 2 monthly touch points over 5 months to keep you on track.

Picture: Rachel Piper teaching Kellee Forkenbrock [content creator] Control Balance